Toyota Corolla 98 to 02 Alternator replacement


Okay this is a 98 Toyota corolla. And I’m going to give an overview on how to change out the alternator. I’m not going to physically change you know because I have already done that. So this is just kind of a synopsis of how to put on an alternator. Anybody can do it’s not that hard even girls can do it does. So here we go. This is my brand new alternator applauded AutoZone. There are 2 and again I’m not an expert by any means. I’m a novice trying to save some money. So There are 2 electrical connections to bolts and you have to loosen the tensioner.

Alternator replacementTo take the serpentine belt off. To Then obviously take the alternator off so. Electrical connection one is here there’s a bit. Covering the connection. You just. All this dirt off there coming off right there. And unplug Danelectro cool. You know you also have one. Right there. Okay. Symbols to remove. One is here car alternator. Other. Right there under the. Can’t hardly see college as. Right There I You can’t see it but there is one. You’ll be able to see it when you start to take part. I apologize but there is one more vote right there. And tensioner. Bolt it’s very easy. Tensioner bolt you wanna listen. Is right. There. The bottom line that you joined right there right next to my finger. And that will in turn when you loosen that bolt.

It will loosen. The serpentine belt that is wrapped around all these police here. And you just pull the serpentine belt off. It is very important to either take a picture of. The diagram of how the bill is placed on to. Your motor and alternator if you don’t take a picture of the easiest thing to do what I did. Was I just Google the alternator. Not alter your I’m sorry Google serpentine belt placement for a 98 Toyota corolla and just go to Google images there’s literally tons of images. That show the correct way to put it back on. So. After you have your alternator put on you go to Google images get a diagram for your serpentine belt. And trace the steps in the picture and you should be good to go. So thank you for watching I appreciate it and I hope this helps everybody yeah. Thank you.