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2013 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL – Review


With most manufactures offering a wide range of trim choices for each model Nissan Altima, often a car appear can present itself much differently than one down here and that’s certainly the case with this top trim all summer 3.5 SL which ups the ante in every regard. So my first new ultimate test drive last year was in a white 2.5 SP model that didn’t exactly move the. Ads are necessarily the most exciting cars to begin with but that particular strip 4 cylinder model had me thinking Nissan had swung and missed again. But much to my delight and surprise this top trim 3.5 SL restored my faith in the ultima as a front runner. Sure I like more amenities in my car who doesn’t and the SL packs in all the good stuff and then add xenon headlights, info:, leather seating and incredible sounding Bose audio system to boot. But the transformation from rental car to sports sedan really begins elsewhere.

nissan altima

Though the trend has been to drop the V6 from family sedan offerings. Nissan sticks with this excitable 270 horsepower engine which works harmoniously with the new CBT. And what a difference it makes. This has been Nissan’s redbud arranging her years and they’ve really hone their craft. Its power is an eye opener running to 60 miles per hour in just over 6 jackets. And it plays much better with this next Jan continuously variable transmission getting a big dose of refinement. It’s chain driven verses belt on the 4 cylinder models and comes with these oversized fixed paddle shifters. It may make shift points for 7 years. Double. 22 MPG city 31 highway. The powertrain is quieter and much more responsive instantly injecting a premium feel that awakens the soul the 3.5 SL also rides on high performance Dunlop S. P. sports 7000 tires which not only 8 in the Nissan Altima sporty handling but revived the Crispin communicative steering is. Active low understeer control along with the use. Ryan shot. Absorbers delivers a fun to drive racy character while maintaining excellent ride quality it’s truly a car you look forward to driving every day and not just because of how it moves.

These Nissan inspired 0 gravity seats which reduce muscular and spinal loads are the real deal and not just a marketing ploy. Indeed the leather best the cloth for my previous tester in both appearance and texture including on the steering wheel that now has the perfect grip. My car ads the technology package including the blind spot warning lane departure warning and moving object detection try factor and a navigation system. The array of electronic safety in creature conveniences in the SL is encompassing yet the nappy is a step backwards and uses the slow process of dialing your smartphone to download POY and other information. I didn’t like it in the Sentra and it’s even more out of place in a $30000 car. And the SRP of my chock full tester is 32 0 625. Price differential between a 2.5 SL and 3.5 SL is a more palatable $29000 percent you lose in fuel economy you more than make up for in driving enjoyment. For drive time. I’m Steve him this.

Toyota Corolla 98 to 02 Alternator replacement


Okay this is a 98 Toyota corolla. And I’m going to give an overview on how to change out the alternator. I’m not going to physically change you know because I have already done that. So this is just kind of a synopsis of how to put on an alternator. Anybody can do it’s not that hard even girls can do it does. So here we go. This is my brand new alternator applauded AutoZone. There are 2 and again I’m not an expert by any means. I’m a novice trying to save some money. So There are 2 electrical connections to bolts and you have to loosen the tensioner.

Alternator replacementTo take the serpentine belt off. To Then obviously take the alternator off so. Electrical connection one is here there’s a bit. Covering the connection. You just. All this dirt off there coming off right there. And unplug Danelectro cool. You know you also have one. Right there. Okay. Symbols to remove. One is here car alternator. Other. Right there under the. Can’t hardly see college as. Right There I You can’t see it but there is one. You’ll be able to see it when you start to take part. I apologize but there is one more vote right there. And tensioner. Bolt it’s very easy. Tensioner bolt you wanna listen. Is right. There. The bottom line that you joined right there right next to my finger. And that will in turn when you loosen that bolt.

It will loosen. The serpentine belt that is wrapped around all these police here. And you just pull the serpentine belt off. It is very important to either take a picture of. The diagram of how the bill is placed on to. Your motor and alternator if you don’t take a picture of the easiest thing to do what I did. Was I just Google the alternator. Not alter your I’m sorry Google serpentine belt placement for a 98 Toyota corolla and just go to Google images there’s literally tons of images. That show the correct way to put it back on. So. After you have your alternator put on you go to Google images get a diagram for your serpentine belt. And trace the steps in the picture and you should be good to go. So thank you for watching I appreciate it and I hope this helps everybody yeah. Thank you.

DELPHI: diesel particulate filters (DPF) for the secondary market


diesel particulate filtersDelphi Automotive has launched the production of new diesel particulate filters (DPF) for the secondary market, helping to reduce the emissions of CO2 and save the car performance due to the use of the modern filtering and regeneration process. The main advantages of the assortment of diesel particulate filters DELPHI are the qualitative matrices, unique materials and the program of technical and diagnostic support. Some versions of diesel particulate filters DELPHI are equipped with the catalytic converters, fully corresponding to the original spare parts for the secondary market.

As the emission standards as for the Chrysler Voyager headlights become increasingly stringent, it is necessary to constantly regulate and reduce the number of particles, resulting from the fuel combustion. Euro 6 standards involve not only the measurement of the mass of particles in the exhaust, but also the calculation of their total number in all new passenger vehicles with the diesel engines. In this context, DELPHI developed the special program on release of diesel particulate filters, allowing meeting the current and future requirements and providing the comprehensive solution for the maintenance of defective filters.

Professional polishing and painting of the car.


One of the simplest kinds of work – it’s a local repair, which is defined as a body recovery from minor injuries: cracks, chips, dents. The work requires a minimum of time and cost, usually do not involve a complete refurbishment.

painting of the carPolishing – the purpose of this service is to restore paintwork to its original appearance. After polishing, the body returns shine, brightness and color depth, small scratch become invisible etc. Polishing type is chosen by the customer.

Car coloring – this service involves either partial (local) or complete body painting. Often painting is ordered after restoration work includes removing of dents and other damage, but can be carried out as a separate service. In any case, prior to application to the body is prepared, including irregularities are eliminated.
The professional services have laboratories for the selection of color, they allow you to choose the best shade of the many options.

Clutch car


Transmission serves to transmit torque from the engine to the driving wheels and to change the torque value and its direction.

Car clutch is designed to transmit torque from the flywheel of the engine crankshaft to the input shaft of gearbox. The clutch allows the driver momentarily to interrupt the transmission of torque, as if to separate the engine from the transmission, and then smoothly connecting them.


The clutch includes: a drive gear and clutch mechanism.

The clutch mechanism is a device in which torque is transmitted by operating friction. Clutch mechanism allows briefly disconnecting the engine and gearbox, and then smoothly connecting them. The elements of the mechanism are enclosed in a clutch housing, which is attached to the crankcase of the engine.

The clutch mechanism includes:

  • the crankcases and housing
  • a leading disk (which is a flywheel)
  • the pressure plate with springs
  • the slave drive with wear-resistant linings.

Classification of ACEA engine oils.


ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Europeens de L’Automobile) – European classification of motor oils, similar to the American classification API

ACEA engine oils

Last ACEA classification of engine oils was approved in 2004. In fact, after 2004 motor oil for diesel and gasoline engines in passenger cars by ACEA are collected in one category. However, not all the latest automotive oils, which are classified according to the new edition of the ACEA 2004, can be used in the engines of older models, manufacturers of motor oils continue to point on the engine oil packs earlier classification that was used in the edition of 2002.

It should be noted that all manufacturers of motor oils, used in advertising and on packaging ACEA standards, are required to carry out tests in accordance with the requirements of EELQMS (European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System) – it is another European organization responsible for the compliance quality of motor oil ACEA. Only this organization certifies ACEA laboratories where in the future, tests are made and it confirmed and records the holding of trials.

Car audio – beautiful sound can be achieved even in the car


Modern auto sound is a balanced system, which includes high-quality components. With proper and reliable installation clean and sound quality of the system can be achieved even during the driving at speeds above 100 kilometers per hour. Several decades ago, auto sound was used only by true music fans. Now it is used by virtually every car enthusiast. Previously even set, consisting of a radio and two speakers was considered like car audio, but now the standards have changed a lot. About all the nuances of installation and types of such systems can be found in car audio shop.

car audio

Experts believe that even the “low” audio system may well give out high-quality sound, but this can be achieved only on the condition that all the components are combined with each other and have a high build quality. But do not hope that this auto sound can perfectly reproduce low frequencies. But what kind of system you would not have chosen, its installation should be entrusted to professionals.

Should you buy auto parts online?


|BShould you buy auto parts online?

Buying of auto parts is an urgent need for motorists and for service workshops owners. The more often our car breaks – the greater experience of the acquisition of automotive spare parts we acquire. And many motorists are increasingly acquiring them in the online store. The reasons are myriad, but the key ones are the lowest price and ease of purchase.

buy auto parts online

Important advantages.

First of all, it is a wide range of spare parts for cars of different brands. The most common items are the brakes, suspension, engines, parts of motors, all kinds of transmission and clutch kits.

As for the advantages of such a purchase, the key of which are:

  • The ability significantly to save money on the purchase;
  • The maximum range of goods at a reasonable price;
  • Quality assurance and brand originality of each product;
  • Ease of payment and order;
  • Prompt delivery of the city and region.

Maximum wide range of products allows you to choose even the rarest spares, and the form of the sale of goods via the Internet greatly simplifies the buying process and makes it more convenient and economical for each buyer.