Classification of ACEA engine oils.


ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Europeens de L’Automobile) – European classification of motor oils, similar to the American classification API

ACEA engine oils

Last ACEA classification of engine oils was approved in 2004. In fact, after 2004 motor oil for diesel and gasoline engines in passenger cars by ACEA are collected in one category. However, not all the latest automotive oils, which are classified according to the new edition of the ACEA 2004, can be used in the engines of older models, manufacturers of motor oils continue to point on the engine oil packs earlier classification that was used in the edition of 2002.

It should be noted that all manufacturers of motor oils, used in advertising and on packaging ACEA standards, are required to carry out tests in accordance with the requirements of EELQMS (European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System) – it is another European organization responsible for the compliance quality of motor oil ACEA. Only this organization certifies ACEA laboratories where in the future, tests are made and it confirmed and records the holding of trials.