DELPHI: diesel particulate filters (DPF) for the secondary market


diesel particulate filtersDelphi Automotive has launched the production of new diesel particulate filters (DPF) for the secondary market, helping to reduce the emissions of CO2 and save the car performance due to the use of the modern filtering and regeneration process. The main advantages of the assortment of diesel particulate filters DELPHI are the qualitative matrices, unique materials and the program of technical and diagnostic support. Some versions of diesel particulate filters DELPHI are equipped with the catalytic converters, fully corresponding to the original spare parts for the secondary market.

As the emission standards as for the Chrysler Voyager headlights become increasingly stringent, it is necessary to constantly regulate and reduce the number of particles, resulting from the fuel combustion. Euro 6 standards involve not only the measurement of the mass of particles in the exhaust, but also the calculation of their total number in all new passenger vehicles with the diesel engines. In this context, DELPHI developed the special program on release of diesel particulate filters, allowing meeting the current and future requirements and providing the comprehensive solution for the maintenance of defective filters.

Should you buy auto parts online?


|BShould you buy auto parts online?

Buying of auto parts is an urgent need for motorists and for service workshops owners. The more often our car breaks – the greater experience of the acquisition of automotive spare parts we acquire. And many motorists are increasingly acquiring them in the online store. The reasons are myriad, but the key ones are the lowest price and ease of purchase.

buy auto parts online

Important advantages.

First of all, it is a wide range of spare parts for cars of different brands. The most common items are the brakes, suspension, engines, parts of motors, all kinds of transmission and clutch kits.

As for the advantages of such a purchase, the key of which are:

  • The ability significantly to save money on the purchase;
  • The maximum range of goods at a reasonable price;
  • Quality assurance and brand originality of each product;
  • Ease of payment and order;
  • Prompt delivery of the city and region.

Maximum wide range of products allows you to choose even the rarest spares, and the form of the sale of goods via the Internet greatly simplifies the buying process and makes it more convenient and economical for each buyer.