Professional polishing and painting of the car.


One of the simplest kinds of work – it’s a local repair, which is defined as a body recovery from minor injuries: cracks, chips, dents. The work requires a minimum of time and cost, usually do not involve a complete refurbishment.

painting of the carPolishing – the purpose of this service is to restore paintwork to its original appearance. After polishing, the body returns shine, brightness and color depth, small scratch become invisible etc. Polishing type is chosen by the customer.

Car coloring – this service involves either partial (local) or complete body painting. Often painting is ordered after restoration work includes removing of dents and other damage, but can be carried out as a separate service. In any case, prior to application to the body is prepared, including irregularities are eliminated.
The professional services have laboratories for the selection of color, they allow you to choose the best shade of the many options.