2013 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL – Review


With most manufactures offering a wide range of trim choices for each model Nissan Altima, often a car appear can present itself much differently than one down here and that’s certainly the case with this top trim all summer 3.5 SL which ups the ante in every regard. So my first new ultimate test drive last year was in a white 2.5 SP model that didn’t exactly move the. Ads are necessarily the most exciting cars to begin with but that particular strip 4 cylinder model had me thinking Nissan had swung and missed again. But much to my delight and surprise this top trim 3.5 SL restored my faith in the ultima as a front runner. Sure I like more amenities in my car who doesn’t and the SL packs in all the good stuff and then add xenon headlights, info: http://theharshlightofday.com/nissan-altima/headlights.html, leather seating and incredible sounding Bose audio system to boot. But the transformation from rental car to sports sedan really begins elsewhere.

nissan altima

Though the trend has been to drop the V6 from family sedan offerings. Nissan sticks with this excitable 270 horsepower engine which works harmoniously with the new CBT. And what a difference it makes. This has been Nissan’s redbud arranging her years and they’ve really hone their craft. Its power is an eye opener running to 60 miles per hour in just over 6 jackets. And it plays much better with this next Jan continuously variable transmission getting a big dose of refinement. It’s chain driven verses belt on the 4 cylinder models and comes with these oversized fixed paddle shifters. It may make shift points for 7 years. Double. 22 MPG city 31 highway. The powertrain is quieter and much more responsive instantly injecting a premium feel that awakens the soul the 3.5 SL also rides on high performance Dunlop S. P. sports 7000 tires which not only 8 in the Nissan Altima sporty handling but revived the Crispin communicative steering is. Active low understeer control along with the use. Ryan shot. Absorbers delivers a fun to drive racy character while maintaining excellent ride quality it’s truly a car you look forward to driving every day and not just because of how it moves.

These Nissan inspired 0 gravity seats which reduce muscular and spinal loads are the real deal and not just a marketing ploy. Indeed the leather best the cloth for my previous tester in both appearance and texture including on the steering wheel that now has the perfect grip. My car ads the technology package including the blind spot warning lane departure warning and moving object detection try factor and a navigation system. The array of electronic safety in creature conveniences in the SL is encompassing yet the nappy is a step backwards and uses the slow process of dialing your smartphone to download POY and other information. I didn’t like it in the Sentra and it’s even more out of place in a $30000 car. And the SRP of my chock full tester is 32 0 625. Price differential between a 2.5 SL and 3.5 SL is a more palatable $29000 percent you lose in fuel economy you more than make up for in driving enjoyment. For drive time. I’m Steve him this.