Clutch car


Transmission serves to transmit torque from the engine to the driving wheels and to change the torque value and its direction.

Car clutch is designed to transmit torque from the flywheel of the engine crankshaft to the input shaft of gearbox. The clutch allows the driver momentarily to interrupt the transmission of torque, as if to separate the engine from the transmission, and then smoothly connecting them.


The clutch includes: a drive gear and clutch mechanism.

The clutch mechanism is a device in which torque is transmitted by operating friction. Clutch mechanism allows briefly disconnecting the engine and gearbox, and then smoothly connecting them. The elements of the mechanism are enclosed in a clutch housing, which is attached to the crankcase of the engine.

The clutch mechanism includes:

  • the crankcases and housing
  • a leading disk (which is a flywheel)
  • the pressure plate with springs
  • the slave drive with wear-resistant linings.